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Sustainable design example for Natura Sacra
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sustainable design

the process behind making your packaging design more sustainable

product lifecycle

we will begin our sustainable packaging design by examining the entire lifecycle of your product, thinking about it’s intended purpose versus where it will eventually end up. we will consider necessity, optimisation, whether we can reduce the quantity of packaging, repurpose it, combine it with something else, make it reusable, compostable, or even work with refills

smart swaps

perhaps you already have your packaging needs fully mapped out, in that case there is a range of affordable sustainable design alternatives to standard packaging that we will consider, some smart swaps include:

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vinyl βž” paper stickers
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plastic βž” compostable mailers
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plastic βž” paper tape
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bubble wrap βž” natural filling
custom materials

do you want to start a packaging design project from scratch with specific product requirements? we’ll explore the most sustainable materials tailored to your needs, some examples include:

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mycelium - light-weight shipping
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amber glass - UV protection
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bamboo - durable + elegant
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cellulose film - food packaging
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hemp cushion filling - warmth
green printers

printing has a direct impact on the sustainability of your end product, finding smart printing techniques as well as picking the right green printer all play a role

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bio / vegetable based inks
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FSC certified paper
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alternatives to coatings / hot foil
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printing locally
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use of toxic chemicals
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paper waste management
Eco packaging design example for Natura Sacra

design suppliers: I work with a network of conscious creatives who care about sustainability

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jasmin - motion

jasmin schiffer is a talented illustrator and motion designer based in Amsterdam, who is focused on sustainable design. we created some beautiful eco-packaging and branding design together for natura sacra

jasmin's website

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No Issue Eco Packaging Alliance Certification Logo
no issue - printers

no issue is a sustainable online printers with smart & affordable green packaging options

no issue website

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reforest - hosting

reforest group is a mission-driven vegan business providing sustainable web hosting & web services. they aim to reforest the world in the process. they work with wordpress, linux & managed VPS

I've partnered up with reforest as an affiliate

reforest group

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Natura sacra vegan branding design tape

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